- the result of more than a century of innovation and development.-


The enormous kilns of Arita, in southwestern Japan, are legendary.
First constructed by artisans more than four centuries ago,
they were the “high-tech” of their day.
They enabled the firing of top-quality porcelain, which calls for extreme heat over lengthy durations.
It was a technology inherited from ancient times,
and perfected in the unique environment that Arita afforded.

Our own kiln, called Hachiemon-Gama, was built in 1879 and established our parent company,
today known as Daikei, as a foremost purveyor of some of the finest tableware of its era.

The company continued, over the following century,to produce rare decorative objects
of exceptional beauty in the styles famously known as Kakiemon and Ko-Imari.
These styles, renowned throughout the world,
are what helped put Arita “on the map”
in terms of its contribution to ceramics and culture at large.

At the same time, our company was producing the kind of daily-use tableware
that Japanese homemakers and restaurants relied on.
Finely-crafted, durable, and of a quality that placed them much in demand.
But, of course, the needs of Japanese homemakers were based on Japanese cuisine and serving styles,
and didn’t necessarily match the expectations of the wider world.

Thus, in 1986, Daikei upped its game, so to speak,
producing crafted tableware that spoke more broadly to a global outlook –
and in 2018 we debuted Hachi, a cooking device
that incorporated all we’d learned over a century of development,
based on technology we’d inherited from ages past.



With our Hachi cookware we bring you the best of Japanese thinking

and practice; time-tested, chef-approved and beautiful to behold!



Making HACHI